My attempt at a newsletter...again

After 10 years in the biz of selling real estate in Salt Lake City, Utah, I'm still awful at consistent advertising and marketing. Here is another effort! I should be doing a newsletter at least every quarter. Does saying that make me accountable now?

Selling real estate is cool. Working with people making big financial life decisions is very rewarding. I get to meet and experience so many people and build great relationships. It can also be a very challenging career, influenced left and right by government shut downs, mortgage interest rates, Great Recessions, available loan programs, appraisers, home inspectors, and the list goes on!!

2013 has been a pretty good year though. Where are things going now? I'd like to hear your opinions.

Oh yeah, I started my own Real Estate company this year (C-Squared Real Estate). That is cool too. Except I haven't even hired anybody yet. I've been too busy! Employing agents will be as difficult as writing this newsletter quarterly I fear. I'm pretty sure I can hire people to do all of this for me though, right?

Some fun things I've done in Salt Lake City recently: 

A rooftop tour of the Salt Lake LDS Conference Center. It has great views and is a very impressive building. It also hosts the popular & annual Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. Whether you're LDS or not, residents and visitors will enjoy this fine piece of Salt Lake culture. Tickets are hard to get, but free.

Strut your Mutt! This was a really fun event held at Liberty Park near downtown Salt Lake City. Hundreds of happy dog owners showing off all breeds of happy dogs. Some of you have had the misfortune of meeting my ferocious Yorkshire terrier, Chloe. She's cute and kind of special, sure to bite kids and people upon introduction. She sits there motionless until your fingertips are about an inch away from her mouth before she snaps. She is such a little brat...er, princess.

I visited the Scott Matheson courthouse downtown to witness a foreclosure sale on residential homes. Fortunately, foreclosure sales are way down.

Yoga at the Utah State Capital! This event was to highlight the official declaration of Utah’s State Yoga Day by Governor Gary Herbert and the official proclamation of Yoga Awareness Week by Mayor Ben McAdams.

It is the off season for bike racing, so I'm taking it easy and not riding very much right now. 

What's hot?

Home prices are up!


U of U Football

Fall season


White granite


What's not?

Home prices are up!

government shutdowns

Time change in 2 weeks, it gets dark at 5:00


Earth tone granite


That's it for now. What am I missing?!

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My attempt at a newsletter...again

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